Husky Tool Box Parts

Enhance your Husky tool box with lock kits, latch replacements, ergonomic handles, and personalized accessories. Guarantee smooth tool access with drawer slides and rollers, and maximize mobility with durable wheels and casters. Customize storage with adjustable shelves and dividers for a tailored organizational solution. Proper installation and maintenance extend the lifespan of your tool box parts. Elevate your toolbox's functionality and durability by exploring the world of Husky tool box parts.

Key Takeaways

  • Identify the specific part needed for your Husky tool box.
  • Check for compatibility with your tool box model.
  • Ensure proper measurements before purchasing replacement parts.
  • Consider OEM parts for guaranteed fit and quality.
  • Seek guidance from Husky customer service for assistance.

Locks and Latches

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If you're looking to secure your Husky tool box, exploring the range of locks and latches available is crucial for guaranteeing the safety of your tools and equipment. Husky tool box locks come with various security features to accommodate different needs. Some locks offer key-based security, while others provide combination locks for added convenience. It's vital to choose a lock that fits your requirements and provides the level of security you desire.

When it comes to latch replacement options, Husky offers a variety of choices to suit your preferences. If you need to replace a latch, make sure to first identify the type of latch your tool box currently has. This will ensure that the replacement latch fits correctly and functions properly.

Installation tips for latches include carefully removing the old latch by unscrewing it and detaching any connecting components. Once the old latch is removed, align the new latch in place and securely fasten it using the appropriate screws or bolts. Make sure that the latch is properly aligned and functions smoothly before relying on it to secure your tool box.

Handles and Accessories

Explore the range of handles and accessories available for your Husky tool box to enhance its functionality and convenience.

When it comes to handles, you have the option to choose from ergonomic designs that guarantee a comfortable grip, making it easy to transport your tool box from one location to another. Additionally, some handles come with cushioning to reduce hand strain, especially when carrying heavier loads of tools.

For those looking to add a personal touch to their tool box, custom engravings are a fantastic option. You can customize your tool box with your name, logo, or any other design, making it uniquely yours. This not only adds a personalized element but also aids in easy identification, especially in shared workspaces.

Color options are another aspect to think about when selecting handles and accessories for your Husky tool box. Whether you prefer a classic black, a vibrant red, or a sleek silver finish, there are various color choices available to match your style and preferences. Opting for a color that stands out can also make locating your tool box effortless in a busy workshop or garage.

Enhance the look and functionality of your Husky tool box with handles and accessories that cater to your needs, whether through ergonomic designs, custom engravings, or a choice of colors that reflect your personality.

Drawer Slides and Rollers

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When selecting drawer slides and rollers for your Husky tool box, consider the importance and smooth operation they provide for accessing your tools efficiently.

The installation of drawer slides and rollers is vital for the functionality of your tool chest. To guarantee proper installation, make sure to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and use the appropriate tools. Check that the slides are securely attached to both the drawers and the cabinet to prevent any wobbling or misalignment.

Maintenance techniques for drawer slides and rollers are essential to prolong their lifespan and keep your tool box in top condition. Regularly inspect the slides and rollers for any signs of wear or damage. Clean them periodically to remove dirt and debris that may affect their performance.

Lubricate the slides and rollers with a silicone-based lubricant to ensure smooth operation. Avoid using oil-based lubricants as they can attract more dirt and cause buildup over time.

Wheels and Casters

Consider the importance of selecting durable and high-quality wheels and casters when outfitting your Husky tool box for maximum mobility and convenience. Maintenance tips are essential to guarantee smooth operation. Regularly inspect the wheels for debris or wear, cleaning them with a damp cloth to prevent dirt buildup. Lubricate the wheel bearings periodically for best performance and longevity. Proper maintenance enhances the lifespan of the wheels and casters, preventing unnecessary replacements.

When looking for upgrades, consider investing in heavy-duty wheels and casters for increased weight capacity and durability. Upgrades available include larger wheels for easier maneuverability over rough terrain or uneven surfaces. Swivel casters with locks provide greater control and stability when moving the tool box around. Upgrading to wheels with enhanced shock absorption can protect your tools from impact damage while in transit.

Selecting wheels and casters that match the specific needs of your workspace is vital for a seamless tool box experience. Whether you prioritize mobility, weight capacity, or terrain adaptability, there are various options to enhance your Husky tool box.

Shelves and Dividers

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Selecting appropriate shelves and dividers is essential for optimizing the organization and efficiency of your Husky tool box. When it comes to organization solutions and storage options, Husky offers a variety of shelves and dividers that can help you keep your tools and accessories in order.

For organization solutions, consider adjustable shelves that allow you to customize the layout of your tool box to suit your specific needs. These shelves can accommodate tools of different sizes and shapes, providing a versatile storage option.

Dividers are also vital for keeping smaller items neatly arranged within your tool box. Husky dividers are designed to fit securely in place, preventing items from shifting during transport.

To enhance the customization of your tool box, you can mix and match shelves and dividers to create a personalized storage system. Experiment with different configurations to find the most efficient setup for your tools.

Additionally, consider utilizing dividers with removable sections to further tailor the organization of your tool box to your liking.

When assembling your shelves and dividers, follow the provided assembly tips to ensure a secure fit. Proper installation will prevent shelves and dividers from shifting or becoming loose over time, maintaining the organization of your tool box.


To guarantee, when it comes to finding replacement parts for your Husky tool box, it's crucial to take into account the specific needs of your toolbox. Whether you need new locks and latches, handles and accessories, drawer slides and rollers, wheels and casters, or shelves and dividers, there are a variety of options available to assist you in keeping your tool box in top condition.

By selecting the right parts, you can make sure that your tool box remains functional and organized for all your projects.

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